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Popcorn & Pixie Dust - Enchanted By The Movies turned 1 today!

Popcorn & Pixie Dust - Enchanted By The Movies turned 1 today!

Are you really throwing a gay anthem in my face right now?
Modern Family
Maybe we can send un-vitations, is that a thing?
Modern Family

What happens if you let Armin van Buuren touch the epic Frozen smash ‘Let It Go’? Well this. Check it out for yourselves.

That’s a library? I thought it was a church for a religion that didn’t allow makeup.

Modern Family

Marjo’s Movie Reviews: The Railway Man

Based on a true story, this story of war shows that life is indeed stronger than fiction. The Railway Man is about Eric Lomax, a self-proclaimed railway enthusiast, who was forced to build the Burma railway and how he copes with life after World War II. When he meets Patti, the love of his life, in a train there is little indication that this man is in fact very much damaged. Soon after they marry we find out that life has not always treated Eric Lomax this kind, to say the least. Through flashbacks we find out about the horrors of the life of a British soldier at the Burma railway. In particular we find out about this ‘interpreter’, who we later come to know as Takashi Nagase, and how he behaves like a true nightmare. Takashi Nagase embodies the ghosts of not just Lomax’ past but also that of many other British soldiers who feel like they have turned into ghosts themselves. These soldiers show that living is not everything when you have been damaged like that. Through the aid of a former comrade Lomax gets the opportunity to take revenge in any way that he pleases. However, is it really cold blooded revenge that Lomax needs?

Definitely no light entertainment but in every single way fascinating. A story of reconciliation and finding peace in a past of war. Or perhaps slightly more cynical: Stockholm syndrome at its finest. Nevertheless, a good watch. Although I must admit that I’d have preferred a different timing of the flashbacks since it seemed off at times, furthermore Nicole Kidman’s Patti seemed a little one dimensional.

Rating: 7/10

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I am my father’s daughter, and sorta his son.
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